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 We are proud of our Snow Wolves and encourage all students to participate in after school athletics and other activities.

FJA has an excellent athletic program with a focus on teamwork, sportsmanship, and effort. Parents and students can use this site to learn about requirements for participation in FJA Athletics programs.  Also included is individual sports season information, including practice starts, game schedules and coaching information.  More information and details can be obtained from individual coaches and the Athletic Director Jake Dixon (

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Have a current physical on record with the Bonito Campus front office.

  2. Have passing grades (C, B or A) in all classes to play in games.

  3. Attend greater than 50% of the practices. Coaches reserve the right to decrease game time for students who are not regularly attending practices.

Flagstaff Junior Academy Sports Teams

Click to learn more about any of these FJA athletics programs, including schedules, coaches, and more!