Snow Schedule

Alert: 07/22/2020 – Please read the Flagstaff Junior Academy statement under Parent Resources regarding plans for reopening in the Fall of 2020.

As FJA currently runs the Middle School in FUSD facilities, we will be observing snowdays and delayed starts as FUSD does.

In the past, there have been instances where FUSD has called a snow day and FJA has not. This will no longer be the case. If we have not called a snow day, but roads in your neighborhood remain uncleared, we ask you to take your student’s safety into consideration when determining whether he/she can safely travel to school.

There may be days when a cancellation is not required, but the roads are still covered with snow, or icy enough to cause delays. On these occasions, a snow DELAY is often called to allow the morning to start a little later. SCHOOL STARTS PROMPTLY ON A SNOW-DELAYED SCHEDULE AT 10:15 a.m. AT THE CEDAR CAMPUS AND 10:00 a.m. AT THE MIDDLE SCHOOL CAMPUS.

FJA now offers Before Care on delayed start days at the Cedar campus only, beginning at 7:15AM. However, we will not be offering Before Care on cancelled school days due to snow.