Put Your Tax Dollars to Work for Education

Donate up to $400 to Flagstaff Junior Academy by December 31

If you are an Arizona taxpayer, you can put your dollars to work in Flagstaff schools. Arizona offers a dollar-for-dollar tax credit (Public School Activity Fee) up to $200 for individual income tax filers, $400 for married couples filing a joint return and $200 for couples filing separate returns. This means your state income tax liability will be reduced by the full amount of your contribution – up to zero. (If you have extra credit left over, you can carry it forward for up to five years.) This is a full refund, not a deduction. In addition you may also deduct the contribution on Schedule A of your federal income tax. You don’t have to have a child in Flagstaff school to take advantage of this program.

Flagstaff Junior Academy is a tuition-free public school that offers a Montessori-based curriculum for grades kindergarten to eighth grade. It is not affiliated with the Flagstaff Unified School District and does not receive any funds from property taxes. Programs funded through the Tax Credit program are our main source of funding for enriching extracurricular activities such as field trips, arts, and sports programs.

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If you would like to designate your donation towards a specific student or activity, please specify in the ‘Comment’ area.

Thank you for your continued support of Flagstaff Junior Academy!