FJA Vision

  • Educating the whole child through academics, experiential excellence, and community.

Well-Rounded Education
At FJA, we believe in a well-rounded education for each and every student. We believe that in many cases, it is impossible to predict which careers our students will pursue in the future. Our job is to keep as many doors open as possible, to provide applied learning experiences in as many fields as possible, and to maintain every student’s potential at the highest level possible throughout her/his years at FJA.

Extraordinary Faculty
FJA employs an extraordinary group of teachers and faculty members. Our teachers not only excel in their primary subject area, but share a wealth of life-experiences with students. Our faculty members strive to inspire students to improve academically, and also to grow as people. All of our faculty members successfully model the behavior and work-ethic that we hope for in our students.

Class Diversity
At FJA, we believe that it is important for students to be introduced to, and given the chance to excel in, as many subject areas as possible.

We offer all traditional middle school courses in:

Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education.

We also offer specialized coursework in the following areas:

Spanish, Wellness (health/nutrition), Scientific Field Methods, Drama, Improvisation, Lives of Music, Studio Art, Set Design, Outdoors Preparedness/Orienteering, Yearbook, Debate, Mythology, Fossils of Northern Arizona, Organizational Skills, Study Hall, Strength and Awareness, True Lies (Literature/Writing), the Colorado Plateau, and more…

Our clubs and sports include:
Boys and Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Girls Volleyball, Cross-Country, Ultimate Frisbee, Student Council, Tea Club, Book Club, Recess Teambuilding, and Game Club.