Monthly Archives: February 2016

Teachers get tough

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FJA parents Dan and Sara Pawlicki brought the practical self-defense techniques of krav maga to FJA for teachers to try out. The owners and teachers of Flagstaff Krav Maga led the hands-on and feet-on demo for teachers on Friday, January 22.20160122_132843





Spelling Bee held January 27 at FJA Middle School

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Participants in the 2015-16 spelling bee, coming from both the elementary and middle school campuses, demonstrated both positive attitude and strong spelling skills at the spelling bee. They supported and applauded each other with each answer, right or wrong. The eventual winner, after several deadlocked rounds with runner-up Gabe Blaisdale, was Gavin Brock.20160127_112940





Geography Bee 2015-16

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After all middle school students competed in preliminary rounds of the 2015-16 National Geographic Bee in their social studies classrooms, the school-wide Final Competition was held on January 21. Eighth grader Ian Despain won the exciting competition. He has completed the online exam to try to qualify for the state Geography Bee. 20160121_132556